05 February 2010

age appropriate articulation!

(here is Wilson on his first day back to TALK class in the fall of 2007...)

Yesterday made it official...Wilson no longer needs speech intervention!!

We knew it was coming, they almost signed him out of speech this fall while we were still in Lawton. The pathologist there decided to continue with therapy because he was sometimes leaving off the ending "s" sound in words. When we did his IEP here, we knew he would be re-tested and it was unlikely that he would continue in speech. He has come such a long way!

***it all started just over three years ago***

At first, we really just thought Wilson's speech was cute. We repeated some of the words he would say, exactly the way he said it, because it was so adorable. (Maybe even teased him a little, and yes, I feel bad about it, Sandy!) He was our first-born, I am pretty sure I thought he would 'just grow out of it.' Remember if someone asked him his name, it sounded like "Wilton?" when he would answer. It wasn't until he started playing with other kids his age, that it became a little more obvious that there was a problem. I remember one boy telling Wilson, "you need to talk better!" That got my attention- and also, I may have wanted to smack that kid - We began to be more aware about how frustrated Wilson would get when trying to tell us something and we couldn't understand him. Sometimes he would even use gestures to act out what he was trying to say...

Our neighbor told us about the TALK (Teaching Articulation and Language to Kids) program at LPS, and after some testing, it was obvious that he would benefit from the early intervention. I am so grateful that Lawton had the TALK program so he got to start speech when he was just 3 years old. I am certain that it gave him more confidence when he started kindergarten. We have been blessed to work with excellent speech pathologists all along the way, as well as wonderful classroom teachers that were actively reinforcing what he was learning in his speech therapy sessions.

We are so proud of our big guy! And so thankful that the resources he needed were easily attainable. What a blessing! God provides for the details in our lives.


  1. awe....look how little he was, and Walker too, and how grown-up hes become in just a few short years. Its amazing with the SP can do for kids!

    YEAH to Wilson for his great achievement and what a blessing to have these opportunities right at our fingertips too!


  2. He was so little in that picture - and Walker! Too cute! These precious guys are growing too fast.

    I'm so excited for you guys that Wilson no longer needs his speech class. A proud moment, I'm sure!!!

  3. That's so great Amanda! And I agree, those boys looks so *little* in that picture. SO cute.

    I mean, they're cute now, too, but hopefully you know what I mean. :)

  4. Wilson, you are so awesome! Good job. Love Grandpa Carl and Meme