24 February 2010

it's about blogging time you get back to blogging...

here are the boys... climbing all over our swingset... which looks a bit gigantic in our new backyard. we have a rule "friends cannot play on the swingset." (it seems like they could bump their head on the fence when they are swinging.) I am not sure how long it will be staying here...the boys do love it though...
We had a lovely-weather weekend, so one day (like I can remember which) the boys all got their game on... "Crush it, Lutz!"
I thought this would make a good postcard to encourage people that are getting over a hard time... maybe a relationship that has ended or a job loss or a long, hard, winter: etc... with this caption...
"Some rebounds are longer than others."
(not sure why but that just makes me chuckle, maybe its the dork in me??)
Littlest Lutz was practicing his fantastic follow-through. While Koka kept score.
Daddy coached some shooting pointers to the Big Man.
And assisted the Little Man in his own dunk.

I may have (or may not have, you never know), yelled out a few old-school cheers from back in the day. Just to get the guys fired up! ;)


  1. I can hear you doing your "cheers"

    Can you flip the swing set so it isn't so close to the fence? Where'd ya get it ?

  2. oh my word! looks like so much fun...wish we lived closer.

  3. That's such a serious look on Brad's face!

    Is that yard way smaller than Lawton?

    We LONG for nice weekend days...or even weekdays. Seems so cold lately. You would think I would enjoy that, now that my belly sticks out to there. It's wierd to be so preggo and cold all the time. I just hope our summer isn't as extreme as the winter has been!

    Oh well....MISS you guys!!!

  4. Brad's expression in that first dunk picture is PRICELESS. I'm CERTAIN there is a motivational poster to be had using that picture.

  5. Nice post. Rah, Rah!!
    I like that last pic of Brad holding Walker. It is like Brad is yelling "You the Man" as Walker dunks the ball! Look at Walker, he is just lovin it. Great practicing while they are still so young. Keep up the cheers!

    I bet the boys do enjoy the swing set!

  6. So much fun around your house!!! We were blessed with beautiful weather yesterday... sure hope it stays.

    Love the expression on Brad's face. I agree it will make a good post card.

    Cheers.... I am pretty sure you may have yelled out a couple for them...maybe not like old school.

    Can't wait to be closer and come for some of the fun!!!