16 February 2010

some dorks are dorkier than other dorks...

Brad said that my Valentine's post "inspired" him to do some tattoo work on Walker... he makes a pretty cute cat...he even gave him some mean-looking-knuckles. (I may be going out on a limb here, because I don't usually feel comfortable predicting the future; but I think its safe to say that Brad and I probably won't ever become tattoo artists...at least not the kind that get paid... just the dorky kind)
Here's a picture of Wilson on his new bed. He told us (about 4 times) that he slept r-e-a-l-l-y well last night! You can tell he kinda likes it ;)
And I updated the wreath for Spring. I love busting out my glue gun! I had snowflakes in January and some hearts for February and decided there is NO way I can keep up with the new-wreath-every-couple-of-weeks-pace. So these cheery little blossoms should get us through the next couple of months... (p.s. all scrap fabric, and buttons that I have had for years = free update).


  1. Love Wilson's room! Love the picture of Algonquin! You are soo creative...the wreath should even get you through Easter! Very good color choices and it even matches your front door. Love ya girl!

  2. Coming from a house full of dorks, I laugh with you at your dorkiness!!! ♥ U

  3. I bet Wilson loves having his own room now, with a new bed and all! Its nice they each have their own space and can leave things the way they want them without fear that the other is going to mess it up!

    Hey cute bedding too and I love the wilderness/canoe theme!

    You are so creative! wish you lived closer, not only for myself, but Jacqueline would love doing projects with you! She's the creative genius in our home!

  4. Great decorating Amanda! Seriously - your house always looked so pulled together. I NEED you to come to my house and help me!! :)

    And yeah, while Walker makes a GREAT cat, I'm thinking ya'll better keep those tattoos of the washable variety. (But I couldn't do better, so I'm in the same boat. Although I use liquid eyeliner for my tattoos. HA!)

  5. I want to see more photos of wil's room! It looks cool.
    Also Love the wreath! Did you get the idea from another blog? I've seen it on a blog I follow quite a bit.

  6. Linds, yes, I did get the wreath idea from another blog... but then when I looked at my fabric stash compared to the tutorial on Tatertots and Jello, I realized I had to make some adjustments ;) I think it turned out alright though =)

    maybe I'll take some more pics of his room this weekend...

  7. that wreath is soooo wonderful.