12 February 2010

sometimes waiting is worth it...

and the snow began to fall lightly around 10 am or so...
Wilson watched out the window for awhile... (so did Muskoka, but she moved when I went to take her picture, such a diva)
We went for a little walk in the snow. It was wet, heavy snow and rather pretty.
After the walk and brief stint at the playground across the street; we came home. Walker played happily in the back yard for a bit while I made some hot cocoa. Brad tried to snap this picture of Walker making a snow angel...
And here is the picture outside our front door at about 4:45pm. The snow is supposed to simmer down in the next hour or so, and will probably be all gone by tomorrow afternoon.


  1. WOW not too shabby for Georgia! I bet the boys were so excited! I love the pic with them all on the walk, so precious!

  2. I'm so glad your boys got to see snow this winter. They have missed a doozy of a winter here in OK. Snow and hot chocolate are wonderful memory makers!