31 March 2010

easter egg hunt

The kids were pretty excited to have an Easter egg hunt this past Sunday at our SS teacher's house. They have three boys and when we were there a few weeks ago for a "Till-Later" party the boys had a blast... when we got in the car, Wilson said, "Can we come back again?" So, we were happy to tell them about the Easter egg hunt too!

But, the weather couldn't make up its mind - and with the threat of potentially severe weather coming, the egg hunt was canceled. (Which did work out well regarding the MSU game). We went for a walk after lunch... you can see how horrendous the sky looked... or not. It was rather lovely, but overcast for a good part of the day...We decided to do an indoor egg hunt (since we already had our candy-filled eggs on hand, and eager little guys!). We hid half in each of the boys' bedrooms. Walker went first... Wilson was at-the-ready should Walker need assistance...
Next up, the big man...
Walker lost interest in being on stand-by so he began discovering the goodies inside...
Wilson had to call in reinforcements when he had two eggs left to find. I love Walker's face after Wilson finds the last one!
It was fun! We don't usually do an at-home hunt, but we might have to do it again now. They were so adorable to watch!


  1. That was a great idea...again...do I sound like a broken record....wish I was there!

    I'm getting ready to start my countdown so at least I'm getting excited.

    Love you guys!

  2. I loved watching Logan hunt for eggs. Her excitement was contagious. The simple joys if being a kid!!!

    I am sure the boys loved every minute of it. Love Walker's expression... he is so funny.

    Yaya.... I wish I was there, too.

  3. we've done many an Easter egg hunt inside and the kids love it either way! Its so fun to watch and hear their excitement!

    Wilson looks so much older with his hair longer? they are growing up way too fast......

    Hope you have a blessed Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!

  4. They still expect me to hide eggs........................lyla