25 March 2010

extreme makeover : garage edition...

...except I have no "before" pictures, and only one "after" picture.

so I'll fill in some of the blanks with a lovely spring-is-springing picture. I have no idea what kind of plant/tree/shrub this is in our side yard, but the blossoms are so beautiful! you can see the grass isn't greening-up yet; we are hoping it will soon...Buzz Lightyear was happy to bound around the garage while Daddy was working hard... I tried to take another picture {with him actually looking at the camera}, but he flew out of the camera's reach too quickly... he had such a good time playing outside yesterday!
and... drum roll please... is that beautiful or what? Brad spent some time out in our over-stuffed garage with his tools and this is what he came up with! LOVE it! {Yes, I know I have way too much Christmas stuff, I don't really want to part with any of it, either -- but feel free not to give us anymore Christmas decor, thanks!}

He also fired-up the lawn equipment and mowed the weeds in the backyard. We only have to mow the fenced-in part of our yard - and keep our shrubs/plants/what-have-you's alive in our flower beds. The post-housing is responsible for the rest of the yard upkeep. {Or really, just mowing - they won't water or treat for weeds or anything. Oh, and they will do the edging along the sidewalk & our drive which is huge, because we are on a corner (again!) and that is a TON of edging!}

We still have a bit more organizing to do in the garage to make it function well for us. I'm also reading through my FlyLady book and getting tips on having the inside of the house organized better too. I might even write a post about it sometime...


  1. Those flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I love spring time flowers. So refreshing after a long, brown winter.

    You guys wanna help us out in our garage??? Ending our 3rd year hear and it keeps getting worse - not better!

  2. Are you sure you're my sister? Those are Magnolias (Don't go asking a Southerner that question, you'll probably get into trouble.)

    Anyway the garage looks great. Good job Brad, btw, Uncle Joe says you can use a hack saw on wood. (:

  3. Obviously your mother didn't see your post soon enough to answer your shrub, flower question...but Rene REALLY did a good job of it! "Yes Amanda there is a Spring Fairy" (Rene will get that one too) I read on facebook yesterday about Brad's day and I bet he slept well last night too! Everything looks great...good job Brad not only getting the garage in order but doing it under the keen eye of Buzz Lightyear

  4. I can't imagine now having a basement to store all the "stuff" we've collected over the years! Way to make good use of the garage with all that shelving. Good job too, son! Tell Walker Colson loved seeing him in his former Buzz Lightyear costume! such a cutie! to this day whenever Colson sees the streaks from the jets in the sky he says, "look Buzz Lightyear!