13 March 2010

the good, the rad, and the silly...

{totally copied this idea from Lindsay and Marvin... and then tweaked it to make it work for our pictures}
the good - we were out exploring post today and Brad drove us out (like 40 minutes away) to the drop zone, and wouldn't you know we got to see a bunch of soldiers jump out of an airplane! awesome! it was chilly today, so I shot this picture right out of the van's windshield....the rad - I went to the Benning Women's Conference this wednesday, and this was my haul (except for the first grade reading book in the far right corner). The FlyLady was the main speaker, and I went to three workshops 1) Fun with beads, 2) Growing & Using Herbs and 3) Hiking & Backpacking. We all got a copy of the book Sink Reflections too. I haven't started reading it, but I am looking forward to it... (free childcare for Walker, and he got a goodie of his own; that rolled up fleece blanket on the front corner, with a little backpack too!) I had a great time, and it was fun to meet women I might've never crossed paths with otherwise.
{bonus - sunshine day picture... we had a beautiful spring week! including thunderstorms!}
the silly - who knows what inspired this... gotta love the creativity in the backyard!


  1. I love the makeshift umbrella and that smile! too cute! and Wilson wow hes looking mighty old with his hair longer....and what a haul from PWOC! that had to be such fun, great fellowship for both you and Walker! So glad God blessed you!

  2. That creativity will serve him well someday! love sissy boo

  3. It looks like your weekend so far has been great!
    Sunshine looks wonderful....flylady rules 4 flybabies....and I believe all my grandsons are destined for the amazing and extraordinary!

  4. SO fun! Love it, I hope it becomes a regular! :)

  5. Okay, first, I love that you are the only persona ALIVE that still says Rad.

    Good: way cool! I bet that was a great thing for the boys to see. I don't understand why someone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane, but it's so cool to watch!

    Rad: Oh my goodness! The FlyLady? That had to be a great conference. And freebie are always so fun!

    Silly: Yep, pretty much sums that one up. I LOVE how creative these 3 yo's are!!! And it's so great when the camera is handy!

  6. The Silly might just have to be entered in a photo contest! That is great, love it!