03 March 2010

(k)not again...

Wilson working on his weekly book report... His book gets sent home Tuesday with the book report worksheet and is due back on Thursday. It has been a big chunk of work each week...and this week... his book is 63 pages long!!!! I know, right? He didn't seem to mind, and actually summarizing a longer story might be a tad bit easier...
Why is Walker so thrilled to be playing with his remote control dump truck and his binoculars at the same time???
Well, that would be because they are tied together in a knot. EVERYTHING is more fun when it is tied together... (I am pretty sure this might be the boys' motto right now; last week my flexible measuring tape was tied to a basket handle)


we went to Red Robin, then PetCo, then LifeWay on our date night. And yes, it was fun!


just to clarify - our church hires workers for all of the regularly scheduled childcare times (services, parent's night out, mother's morning out) from a local childcare company. the parents fill-in as volunteers during weekend services... its definitely a BIG church perk.


  1. Before I forget, what is LifeWay? I hope it's a better date spot than PetCo. :-) I do love Red Robin. Haven't eaten there in years though. I'll have to fix that.

    I LOVE Wil's face in that second picture. It's so neat to watch as your child tackles hard work and then is proud of themselves. Way cool!

    Haven't gone through the knot thing here, but it sounds interesting. I just wonder what Walker & Cam would teach each other if we still had play dates. Scary!!!

  2. Wilson looks so different with longer hair, is he wanting to let it grow out? We have a book report every week too, but we can choose from 3 pages of creative ways to present it. Jacqueline comes up with some amazing ideas to help Colson! Love that girl!

    the boys are getting so big, so fast! at least Walker hasn't gotten into the tieing everyone up stage! Gotta love his little genius mind.....