07 March 2010

on becoming happy campers...

we knew when tax season came around this year that we would buy some camping gear. last year, some of our tax return $ was spent on our trip to Disney... and it was a great trip. A wonderful exclamation point for our family reunion. but, we don't really want to do those kind of vacations all the time. we want to camp. we trust the money we spent this year, will continue to be useful for years to come... we were all excited to unload our BIG box of gear (oh, by the way, Brad and I got a tent for Christmas - that was our 'gift' to each other).Walker proudly displaying his food cup. He will hopefully come off the trail saying "food is fuel."
She's not really a happy camper yet... quite displeased with the idea of carrying her own food and water. (Although Brad looks sympathetic toward Muskoka's plight in this picture, I think he was actually determining whether or not she needed a smaller pack... we are on the same page, the dog carries her own crap. perhaps literally, but let's hope not.)
And tell me this kid doesn't make an adorable trail guide?? Seriously! He had no idea that he was getting a backpack in that box. He was pretty surprised and thrilled!
We decided we would try out the Pine Mountain Trail on Saturday (by way of REI in Atlanta to return the girls' packs... Koka needed a smaller one and I needed to exchange mine too). But Friday night we had an impromptu fire in the backyard... nothing can get you more excited about hitting the trail then the smell of fire... right? The guys scavenged some wood from our favorite walking route and filled the wagon with it...
The free stuff burned SO much better than the bundle I bought from Winn-Dixie the last time.
And here we are on the trail Saturday...
We ended up here... not exactly where we thought we would be, according to the map, but it was a lovely end to our little trek.
"The earth is the LORD'S, and all it contains, the world, and those who dwell in it. For He has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers." Psalm 24:1-2
We are hoping to get accustomed to our packs around here and add a little weight in them each week to get us in shape for some happy-camping in the near future.

The boys can hardly wait, and have been asking often when we are "going camping." We are all looking forward to it...


  1. I love campin! Sure looks like you'll be building lots of memories!

  2. Looks like a great family adventure!!

  3. The Polliard camping trips seem to always be "an adventure" so mamma has slowed down the frequency of them! We only went once last year. I think day trips will be on our calendar this year, maybe next.

    However, I look forward to hearing all about YOUR camping adventures. Love the new gear and Wil sure has been giving you some great pictures lately. What a cutie!!!

  4. Camping is one of my favorite childhood memories! I love that it is something that is becoming a part of your families life! We are taking up hiking as there are so many great spots around here. I can only imagine what there is in your area.