28 March 2010

some goodies!

the boys were greeted with a happy surprise yesterday! An Easter package from Grandpa & Grandma! they were both pretty pleased with their surprise!
but it can be hard to photograph their excitement at times... check out these expressions! crazy eyes, creepy smiles... =)
no wonder professionals get the big bucks! {don't you love the picture-of-a-picture because I am too lazy to use the scanner?}
thankfully for us, Wilson's school had a $10 fundraiser - you could either get a family picture or a sibling picture for $10. The school gets ALL of the proceeds. What a great fundraiser, huh? Of course, there is a catch -- the photographer took like 43 pictures and about 17 of those were frame-worthy... but I think the cheapest package after the initial $10 was .... get this... $160!!!! Thank goodness Brad & I made a pact beforehand so we could walk away from those other 16 pictures!!


  1. those two boys are so ADORABLE! and I'm so happy I got the right transformers without even knowing! Glad they enjoyed their surprise! LOVE LOVE LOVE the tux picture! precious memories captured in pictures!

  2. Ah yes, the fundraiser picture packages. We did one of those with Puckey and Jib back a few years ago. Beautiful pics, but SO SO SO expensive. Unfortunately, I couldn't resist and ended up buying 2 "extra" sheets for a ridiculous amount. I'm so glad I did though, they WERE the best pictures....

    LOVE the boys in the tuxedos!

  3. Oh my goodness! That picture is adorable! We did something similar when Cameron was little - and THEN I took my MIL w/me to look at them!!! Can you say MISTAKE?! How can you tell them to just shred pictures of your precious, adorable kids????!!!! They know they have you!!! :-)

    Nonetheless, I'm so grateful you & Brad made an agreement beforehand. I do ♥ Dave Ramsey!

  4. ah, they are so cute. walker looks just like dad in that last pic... rene

  5. ah, they are so cute. walker looks just like dad in that last pic... rene