17 March 2010

something to think about...

My bible study is called "Live Deeply:The Parables of Jesus." It has been so interesting to dig into the context of the parables and the intended meaning as well. This week we are studying the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14-30. Today I studied the servant that was fearful of losing the master's money so he just hid it instead. And the master was so angry that he called the servant wicked and lazy! This has puzzled me somewhat, and today when I read the closing paragraphs, my eyes were opened and my heart understood...

Spurgeon told this story:

A young woman from a poor family married a wealthy merchant. After their wedding the timid bride pleaded with her husband for money to buy a modest dress. To her great surprise, he flatly refused!

"But why?" she asked.

"All I have is yours. I won't have my wife begging for rags when she could dress like a countess! The money is in the bank. All you need to do is write the checks!"

The Lord Jesus Christ "has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness" (2 Peter 1:3). We are "joint heirs" to His wealth. This does not excuse a lazy, inactive Christian lifestyle. Because Jesus placed the endowment for spiritual victory in our spiritual bank account, we have the responsibility (and privilege) to appropriate these resources by cashing in on our inheritance through faith and obedience. If we're so rich in Christ, why do we act like we are spiritual paupers?

The lazy servant distorted the truth and lost financial profit. He claimed to do nothing because he was afraid. But if that were truly the case, shouldn't he have been all the more diligent to make his work pleasing to the master? Unfortunately, we see this in the body of Christ. We make excuses for our laziness. Rather than doing the least we can, we choose to do nothing at all. The lord described the servant as lazy and wicked - let's not be accused of the same.

Isn't that challenging? And encouraging? And thought-provoking? Loving this study!


  1. Thank you for sharing! That helped me understand a little better too. What a way to live!


  2. Wow. Thanks for sharing that Amanda!! A little different perspective sure can change your understanding!

  3. Good Post/thoughts. Thanks for sharing!