21 March 2010

wild times at the Clements' Compound*

who is that little boy on the four-wheeler???well, its no other than Wilson! Actually, "very-focused-Wilson" At one point (or two) this boy had this thing on two wheels... and my heart was pumping over time!
So, we spent part of our weekend visiting the Clements Crew at their future home-land in Alabama. Curry's parents and sister, Ginny, already have houses on this property. After retirement Curry & Barbie will begin construction on their home. We drove about 2.5 hours to their place and spent a lot of time outdoors. The kids played like crazy, and we had a great time! We were welcomed warmly, given a coveted sleeping-space in the private apartment, and fed very well! Here is a shot down Ginny's driveway toward Curry's parents house.
The boys took approximately 2 seconds to warm-up to Logan and the better part of 5 minutes to reconnect with Jackson & Jordan (Clements' nephew & niece - we all rang in 2009 together). Nana loaded all the kids up and gave them a few wild rides around the property - including "The Rollercoaster" trail.
Here's a shot of Logan driving Walker on another four-wheeler; and Brad and Wilson in the background... just beyond them is a little pond - there's at least one other pond on the property, maybe two...
Part of the purpose of their trip to Alabama (besides seeing their family), is to prepare for their upcoming move. Curry and his dad are starting a business together. There are MANY, MANY things to be done in the process, but one big one was accomplished Saturday. They got this machine fired-up. Brad worked with the guys on Friday, and Saturday morning, he even took a picture of the big success. The business involves recycling oil - if I were to try to explain it in more detail I would probably sound like an idiot. Curry & his friend Mike smile for the camera with the big machine-thing.
I had to get a shot with my girl, Barbie. It was so wonderful to see her. What a blessing she is to me, to our family!
And this picture was taken a few minutes before we had to say good-bye. Have I mentioned that Wilson hates to say good-bye?
We look forward to returning after the big move this summer... perhaps once they are a bit settled. =)

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. Proverbs 18:24 The Message

*they don't actually call it "The Clements' Compound"


  1. Wow, looks like a lot of fun!!! I can't believe you let Wilson ride the 4 wheeler by himself! That would sure stop my heart!!! Glad you had such a fun visit!

  2. we have friends that live on a "compound" too.
    So glad you got to see Barbie! I know she is special to you

  3. Wow that is so cool, it looks like a big recreation park, I can see why Wilson didn't want to say good bye!

    I'm glad you all had a good time!

  4. I'm so glad you have a place to go where the boys can run around and enjoy themselves. What a gift the Clements family is to yours! and just a few hour drive too! Perfect!

  5. What a wonderful weekend! I am so glad that you got to do a mini trip to see such amazing friends!

  6. We loved seeing you all. Can't wait to see you again this summer. We will be coming your way, too. Tell the buys that they may have to come for a really long weekend and give mommy and daddy a break.

    Thanks for coming over. We all love you all.

    We are finally home....