08 March 2010

you just never know...

Here are some park pictures from last Friday... Walker loves the slide...

I think Muskoka likes that she can keep an eye on us at this park, but I also think she wishes she could just come over with us. She watches out the window the whole time...Wilson spinning with his friend, T. She is in his class and lives a few doors up the street... they play together quite frequently...
Wilson showing off his latest conquest on the playground...
So, back to T, Wilson's friend. He got invited to her birthday party which was yesterday. I made her a little fabric-covered journal... {click here for a tutorial... pretty easy but I totally measured wrong and had to make some modifications...}
...and like any mother to boys, I called a mother of a girl to see what to give her. Barbie emailed me the link to this bag. Seriously. Pretty easy to make, and so adorable. I want to make myself one in a more-age-appropriate fabric.
Did I mention the party was a Twlight:New Moon theme? So, Brad and I weren't exactly sure what to expect at this little first-graders party. Obviously, we've not read or watched anything to do with Twilight... not really our thing, you know?

Do you remember the fiasco of the first birthday party Wilson went to in Oklahoma? Remember how it was the first non-family-birthday-thing and Brad and I didn't really know if we were supposed to stay or go? And we decided to leave him for awhile and then come back earlier than the end time to see how things were going? And a kid took a huge bite out of Wilson's cheek? Horrible. And we felt guilty for a long time...

However, we've all recovered from that incident, although some of the anxiety resurfaced at this invite...
do I leave?
do I stay?
do I call ahead and say "he CANNOT watch that movie"? (even though we don't even know anything about it?)
do we just not let him go?

You can figure that we DID let him go, because if he didn't I could've skipped out on making a gift. Brad had to work overnight, so he stayed home to nap with Walker after church. Wilson and I walked down to the party. I was certain God would give me wisdom. T's mom asked if I was dropping off or staying, so I stayed (which worked out well). They turned the movie on in the living room and the older kids were watching it, (she has 4 older siblings) and the younger kids ran around and played. T opened her presents, then we had cake. The younger kids continued to play. And RUN. RUN around a lot. RUN around the big-circle-hallway... at one point from different directions. SUPER FAST. Into one another. CRASH!
and someone got a black eye. (It looks worse in real life, especially to this momma.) And we came home and had the medic look at it, and put some ice on it. And administered some tylenol. (This picture is from this morning.) You just never know what's going to happen at a kid's party.


  1. has he decided that he doesn't want to go to any more parties? LOL poor kid! aren't you glad you stayed? and seriously Twilight for a little kid??? WOW! crazy! but did she like her little purse and journal?? how very creative you are and something totally useful too, that they can keep for a very long time!

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  3. What a cute gift! I like giving homemade gifts when I can as well. I think they are so much nicer than something store-bought...

    Poor Big Willie Supafly. At least now he LOOKS like a wrestler to match his wrestling name. :)

  4. Hey is that black eye on the same bitten cheek side? Poor Wilson!
    Nice gifts Mandy and so very crafty, good job!
    I see in the pic that Wilson has a book, looks like he enjoys reading.

  5. Looks like a big people book though!

  6. Seriously, Twilight??? Oh my.

    I love the bag...gonna have to make me one too.

    I LOVE Crazy Koka from the window. I'm sure she just doesn't understand why she can't play too.

  7. Great job on the bag. Love the fabric..I am sure she loved it.

    See it doesn't matter if you stay or go at these parties... when kids are involoved.. something is bound to happen. Sorry to hear it just happens to be to your boy.

    He is getting so big!!!!