13 April 2010

and now...the rest of the story.

I thought I should finally unload the rest of my pictures from our fabulous week with Grandpa Carl and Uncle Nate! While Brad was at work on Wednesday, the rest of us went to the National Infantry Museum here on-post. We knew it was supposed to rain on Thursday so we thought we should hit the outdoor-portion of the museum while the weather was still sunny. This is actually the only picture I took though. =) Thursday we all went back to the museum - handy that the admission is free! The only part of the museum that you can take pictures is this little part where the kids can dress up. Brad made Wilson try on the Drill Sargent hat. Truthfully, I wanted Brad to try on the "round brown."
Walker got all the gear on... well except for pants, but you can hardly notice because the shirt is long and the boots are tall...
Oh, and I had four free tickets to the omniplex at the museum, so we saw a 3-D movie about the Hubble. LOVE the glasses!
Friday was spent just hanging around for the most part. Here's a shot of Uncle Nate being a fun uncle at the playground!
Dad convinced Wilson that he could do the climbing wall...and once Wilson realized that Grandpa Carl was right, he just went ahead and did it with some encouragement from the bench!
Our final stop in here in town was the Columbus museum (also free!). Here's Brad helping the boys build with some gigantic Lego's...
And a family shot out front.
We decided it would work best for Dad & Nate to spend the night in Atlanta Friday so there would be no early morning anxiety about whether or not they would make it to the airport on time. We planned on having dinner just south of town, but we made such great time that we decided to take a detour to the little town of Newnan. Here's a family shot on the street - notice someone is texting...
We had dinner at one of Ted Turner's joints. Seriously yummy burgers. And Nate had some super-tasty-looking pot roast. And Wilson was bummed that there was no steak on the kids' menu but was satisfied with his salmon. Walker liked the pre-dinner entertainment... wikki-stix... which he fashioned into glasses.

We had a great time together. I think Nate and Dad enjoyed themselves as well. Tonight when I was loading the pictures Wilson said, "I miss them."


  1. You have so many cool places to visit with free admission too. Too bad Brad wasn't in that family shot, that is a good picture he took! Looks like you had a pretty full and fun week. Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  2. I was looking at your pics again and Brad or someone must have said something, you all are really tickled in that Family shot pic.
    I like Walker's glasses too! Cute.

  3. wonderful times, wonderful memories! I saw Sandy last night, in Krogers, and she said they had a great time and so did she! Hee Hee!

  4. Free museums & wikki sticks before dinner??? If this baby wasn't coming so soon, we'd be there!!! Miss you! Glad you're having fun learning your new state with family!

  5. we are sitting in Flint with Grams and Mom & Lindsay.
    We love the photos.
    Grams favorite part was being able to see them, she also loved Walkers glasses!
    Maybe you will be home sometime this summer?

    PS: plan a family trip to the DR next year... we are staying for another one!