22 April 2010

beginning to bloom...

well, we've been here for more than 6 months now, and I do believe we are beginning to bloom!when we got here, I felt strongly that God was telling me to sit quietly. Not to jump in and volunteer here, there, and everywhere; but to establish our family rhythm. My last day at PWOC at Fort Sill, my dear friend Crystal read a devotional that deeply touched my heart. It was about a rose bush that was in full bloom, and that it was time to cut some of the roses so others could enjoy them. I loved that word picture... it comforted me to think about how much I had grown... and also to know that my time growing in that place was over...
...at least until we were here for a bit, and then I felt like I was a rose dying in a vase on someone's table. Not quite as comforting.

But I still felt like God said, "wait." And I have. Last week, at PWOC the lady that gave the devotional spoke about our lives as military spouses. The ups and downs of moving our family around and trying to settle in; just to get up and go again. And referencing the book, After the Boxes are Unpacked; she compared us to a bulb.

A bulb blooms... it pollinates and leaves some of itself behind. But it also can be dug up and planted in a new place to bloom again. The thing is, when a bulb is planted... you can't really tell for awhile. Its just there under the ground waiting for the right time to bloom.

I think its time.

*the flowers were free from our neighborhood office. They are filling in our urns so beautifully.


  1. Very nice, sissy. I've got some blooming to do here too. For awhile, I've felt a little like the daffidol bulbs that I've forgotten to plant in the garage... in place, but not in place...found your post encouraging. Love ya, Rene

  2. Beautiful flowering post! This week has been Administrative Assitant week. Most places only have one day, but not here, we have lunch we have so many flowers delivered here, and then presents. It's been a busy week, but it's also been a week where I know the people appreciate the work. I miss you kid...can't wait to get there.

  3. What a neat story you share. Love & prayers

  4. Oh Amanda...always, you inspire. I think that I am starting to come out of my bulb as well. I certainly do miss all of the support of the military. It is hard going through the process without the insight that a lot of these classes, support groups, etc provide. There are so many transitions that I am going through now that we are out of the Army but they are still relevant to the life that we have left behind. I am so happy that you and your family are blooming!