05 April 2010

company came!

here are the guys killing a few minutes outside the Atlanta airport while we were waiting for the plane to arrive... (we made it to the airport in great time!)and here are the arrivals... they don't look that thrilled in this picture... but...
I think this picture tells the story better! Happy to have arrived; and Walker is quite pleased to have company in the van! (we stopped for dinner and listened to the 2nd half of the State game on the way home... not a great game.)
I didn't take any pictures yesterday morning although everyone did look quite handsome for church! We had a great service celebrating our Risen King. The boys each did an Easter egg hunt during their classes. We came home and had some snacks before eating our ham & fixins' shortly after 1pm. After sitting around for awhile, we decided to head down to the River Trail by the Chattahoochee... we discovered that they have fountains for the dogs! Koka was thrilled...
A shot of the gang on our way back up to the street level....
It was rather warm and we were happy to have discovered this little park with the fountains...
it was a good way to freshen up before we headed back to the car =)

...Walker kept asking if Uncle Nate and Grandpa Carl would still be here after Easter. He was really thrilled to find out that answer was "yes!"

No big plans for today; enjoy the weather, enjoy the company, and go from there!


  1. aren't river trails the BEST? so glad you found this great trail for your family to enjoy! glad too your special visitors made it safe and sound!

  2. Oh my, who's that man with your Dad??? Not, Nate!!! Wow!!!
    One look at Walker's face and you can tell he is pleased as punch(just trying to get ready for the south).
    Glad to see that your hubs could enjoy the family, too.
    Enjoy your time together!!!

  3. The Chattahoochee??? I wanna go! There's that country song...

    Great to have family for the holiday. Hope you all have a grand time!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I am glad Carl and Nate arrived safely and having time with you!