01 April 2010

picture-perfect day

I do not think there is one person I know on FB that had a complaint about today's weather (well, except maybe Aunt Lyla who was a bit miffed that it was 80 in MI while she is in the Dominican visiting Lindsay... but now that I think of it, I don't think she actually complained about their weather there...). Lovely, glorious, fresh...

After dinner this week, we have been setting the timer for 15 minutes. The boys are to corral all their miscellaneous paraphernalia from downstairs and put it in a basket, then take the basket upstairs and return most everything to its proper place. After that they then race around and pick up their own bedrooms - or help each other. Meanwhile, I clean up after dinner. Its been working so fantastically that I think the boys really only need like 5 minutes... well tonight, I made a deal that if we could do the after dinner stuff AND the weekly chores (trash cans and poop patrol) before the timer was up then they could play outside for a bit longer after dinner. They rose to the challenge effortlessly!

And here some pictures of their reward...

I tried to get a good shot of Wilson swinging, I explained to him that he wouldn't be six for much longer and I needed more pictures, he actually tried to lean into the shot for me. It was quite funny.
After the swinging-action-photo-shoot, Walker said, "Take my picture!" And then plastered his cheesy-grin on. Which actually photographed quite adorably tonight. (And Rene, he was so proud to be wearing his {formerly Wilson's} M&M t-shirt today. At PWOC before I finished signing him in, I heard him tell another boy that his shirt said, "M&M's WORLD")
And after a bit of screaming and fussing at shower-time, as we came downstairs we noticed the light shining in the windows was orange because of the sunset. I asked them if they wanted to watch "Wheel" or the sunset...
they picked the sunset...

"They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs; You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy." -Psalm 65:8


  1. isn't it awesome how your two little guys can enjoy the simple things in life like the sun setting? I love that! It was WONDERFUL talking with you last night! I'm praying God opens the door for friendship and that you see where He wants you to plant and bloom! Love you!

  2. I just love those precious boys of yours.

    And the setting the timer idea? FANTASTIC! I am SO going to try that!!!

  3. Oh I love the picture of them on the stoop. so sweet. Have fun with dad, love ya, Rene

  4. Sunset over Wheel --- COOL! Love the picture too!