20 April 2010

round here

Wilson is finally getting more comfortable riding his bike! I sort of blame the deployment for interrupting his bike-riding progress, but whatever. He can start and stop by himself now! I tried to get a bit of the starting-in-action.... ready, steady......GO! He even admitted that he was "kinda having fun." the other night when he was riding!
I'm not sure, but I think Wilson got more motivated after Walker said he was ready to take his training wheels off. Not yet though.
Walker has been asking me for days if he could paint his "van." He got it in his stocking for Christmas, I guess it was about time. He LOVES to paint. {love that cheeser grin}
Oh, and we had our first little trip to the ER today. Walker got hit by a door today at church. Not only did he fly onto his little booty, but the corner of his eye was split open by the door handle. He still wanted to play (of course!), but when it was still bleeding when I picked him up, the medic suggested I call the doctor. Instead we just drove to the ER. A little dermabond and he is good as new...
He was a trooper, as usual. The folks in the ER were pretty awesome about rushing us when I said that I had to pick up my other son from school! You better believe I filled out a gushing-comment-card for them!

p.s. The lady that opened the door that hit him, called me this afternoon to apologize. She felt so bad. We were standing in front of double doors with the little window on top, so she couldn't see Walker. I told her there were no hard feelings, and that Walker was totally fine. There have been so many times that I have said, "Please don't stand in front of the door, someone could open it and hit you!" Of course, today was not one of those days.


  1. oh the bumps and bruises these littles one get! Someday he will recount all his battle scars! Glad he is a.o.k!

    It won't be long and Wilson will really enjoy bike riding (even his Aunt Jacqueline is enjoying it FINALLY and shes 12).

    What little cuties. . . .thanks for keeping us updated on the "fun" stuff you all do down there!

  2. He really is a trooper and I think a first trip to an er In a new town should always be for a miner emergency!

    Wil looks good on his bike.. Wait til he starts jumpin with it!

  3. Goodness, Cameron got his first shiner this week at church! What's up with that??? I'll blog on that one before too long!

    Yay for Wilson doing so good on the bike! I'm sure I was much older when I finally rode mine w/o training wheels.

  4. aww, on all counts. I miss my boys. Little sweeties. We need to set up a play date.

  5. I love those bike photos! Brings back memories of my girls. Brittan would jump off (on the grass) when she first started - she couldn't stop. Wilson looks like he is doing just fine and Walker will be right behind him, catching up with big bro! Poor lil Walker, a shiner at church! Good thing you got them boys wearing helmets!
    Walker did good on the paint job, he is quite creative!
    Yep, you gotta love that smile!