07 April 2010

seeing the sights...

Yesterday we went over to Andersonville National Historic Site. Our visit began with a movie about POW's. It was moving to say the least.The boys were great through the POW museum, they were patient and respectful. There was a lot to see in the museum & it was very interesting.

After the museum we toured the prison site. (Andersonville aka Camp Sumter held over 54000 Union POW's during 14 months of the Civil War, during that time nearly 13000 died). We had a CD in the car that told us about the stops around the prison grounds. We got out of the vehicle a few times for a closer look. Here we are by the creek that flowed through the camp.
This monument was built around "Providence Spring" in 1901.
This is an example of what the prisoners stayed in. They are called "shebangs." Prisoners built them with whatever they had or could find. After awhile new prisoners had to wait for others to die so they could have a space of their own. Walker makes a cute prisoner, huh?
Dad & Walker checking out the inside of a more elaborate shebang.
Here is a picture overlooking the prison site. It looks so beautiful and peaceful now; its hard to imagine the horrors that the prisoners faced.
There are a number of monuments from Northern states to honor their soldiers that were held here. This is the Michigan monument.

We also drove through the national cemetery that is at this same park. We didn't get out and let the kids run around there. They did such a great job at the prison site, we didn't want to push their limits!

It was a wonderful day trip. One we would be happy to repeat with future guests!


  1. Looks like you guys are enjoying the "new" sites! Have lots of fun!

    Can't wait for my turn!

  2. It's so cool that you are able to take them to different historical sites.

  3. I LOVE the history of the South! how awesome you are able to be living among it and take in those sights, and what a great way to teach your boys about our Nations past and heritage! You will be expert tour guides!!

  4. I took Nate to see a play about Andersonville... did he make the connection?

    We'll have to go see that when I come. (:
    Love Rene

  5. Ohhh, I'll have to show JC. He'll be jealous! You know how he loves the historical sites.

  6. LOVE IT! I can't WAIT to visit!
    I'm so glad you are having fun. To bad you are the only girl :(

  7. Interesting, thanks for sharing! Looks like you have great weather too!!!! What a beautiful day, nice pics!