25 April 2010


One of the guys that Brad works with invited us over for a crayfish boil yesterday. This guy's dad was coming to town from Louisiana, and bringing 300 lbs of crayfish (pronounced craw-fish in the bayou) with him! The Clements kindly introduced to this concept of a "BOIL," but with shrimp, which is one of Wilson's favorite foods. We weren't sure what they would think of the crayfish...to be honest I wasn't sure what I would think of them!

We ate a ton at the boil and they sent us home with a box-load as well. Which worked out great so I could take pictures and prove that we ALL ate them! The box under my hands has all the heads that you rip off... and the tails, after the meat is pulled out and eaten... by the end, even Wilson could get the meat out himself!
Walker was anxiously awaiting more meat!
Don't you want a bite????

Seriously. The boys did not even act uninterested in eating it! Brad & I were both shocked! As long as I didn't look too closely at the bodies before I ripped them apart, it didn't bother me either. They had potatoes and mushrooms too. And were even playing some cajun-style-music...which Walker totally danced to. Naturally. It was a fun afternoon.


  1. How much fun!!! Seriously, though, I can't do it when the head is there. LOVE the meat though!!! Tell Wilson he is much braver than Brendan!

  2. Ummmm,ummmmm,good! Outstanding fun...wish I could have seen Walker dancin to the music!

  3. You are a tougher mama than I. I can't even cook/eat chicken with bones in it, and here you're ripping heads off of stuff before you eat it! LOL

  4. YUMMO!!! I can't wait til we move closer and girl, we will have us another shrimp boil!!!!

    That is alot of crayfish!!!!

    Those boys are gonna leave the South.... southern!! HA HA!!!!