18 April 2010

weekend update

Friday before school, Wilson noticed that our 2nd butterfly had emerged from it's chrysalis......the butterfly pavilion was a clever Christmas gift from Aunt Denine. When the larvae arrived last week, I have to admit, I wasn't hopeful. But we had two little fighters that survived... We let them go today. Walker has said a few times tonight, "I miss our butterflies..."
Brad put some final touches on the yard-spruce-up... well, not really final...
...with our meager water pressure, we are still trying to figure out the right sprinkler for the front & side yards. our dry, sandy patches are a welcome habitat for the fire ants right now.
Yesterday afternoon we headed back up to Pine Mountain for a little hike. It was quite beautiful, we hit a different part of the trail this time. Much rockier, but lots of good views. We did a bit of drive-around exploring after the hike and came home for steaks on the grill. Lovely.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Steaks...yum!

    I love seeing Walker in his costumes. He & Cameron really are a lot alike!

  2. Butterflies are so fun to have. We did several of them a few years ago and the kids LOVED it.

    We also did praying mantis. I wouldn't recommend those. They're creepy and you have to feed them live food until they're big enough to let go. And when they hatch, there are like a million of them. Okay, maybe not a million, but a LOT. They also kill and eat each other. Maybe fun for grown ups to watch, but a little traumatic for kids. LOL

    Mmmm...steaks. Those are a nice treat, aren't they?

  3. The Auntie that sent the butterflies is awesome! What a great gift!! I wish she were my auntie! ;)

  4. Nice touches around the (yard) house, looks great!
    Sounds like a fun family weekend hiking and exploring.