04 May 2010

adventures with Yaya...

...can you even believe that Yaya has been here four days already and this is the first time I have uploaded pictures? What a shame! Truth be told, I forgot the camera the morning she flew in... that was the least of my mistakes that morning... Thankfully she made it safely. After some gps issues we arrived at IHOP about 45 minutes later than anticipated, ate breakfast, and then spent a good amount of time at IKEA. It was the boys' first visit and I think we found a good balance of them enjoying it without staying so long that we wrecked our chances of ever returning! I found 157 things I want, but not too much that I needed.

Sunday we rested.

Yesterday, we got some serious rainfall. Wow. I patted myself on the back for making Wilson wear his raincoat to school.

And today we picked Wilson up from school (early release on Tuesday afternoon, remember) and headed to the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in town. Wilson had been eager to visit there... You can sorta tell he was thrilled from this picture...Its actually a pretty small place... they have four of these fighter-jet-simulators... Walker couldn't quite reach to make things work... so he ended up in an awkward position...
...and needed a wing-man (or wing-mom if you want to be technical).
Wilson was super focused on the task at hand...
He recently said he wants to be a pilot, so I guess it shouldn't be that surprising that he was so serious about it...
Yaya and Walker paused for a minute in front of the green screen to be weathermen... outer-space-weathermen.
This was some sort of wave-making-thing. There was a fascinating video of a bridge being shaken right next to this... I didn't get all the details...
Yaya explaining something about the shuttle...
Walker in the shuttle-landing-simulator...
And Wilson in the shuttle-landing-simulator. There was a lot of crashing & burning today for the shuttle.

It was a fun little trip, like I said, the place isn't that big... oh, and did I mention that there were three buses of field-trippers there? That's why I was a little distracted about parts of it. However, we were the only ones in the planetarium theater at 3pm, so we got to pick which movie we watched. It worked out perfectly because the guy told us about an "age-appropriate" movie... the boys were even singing and clapping at parts of it (so were Yaya & I).


  1. Glad you are all having fun while your mom visits!
    You have so many interesting places to explore, so educational for everyone.
    I love the boys expressions while watching the bridge shaking video!!
    Thanks for sharing, have a good week!!

  2. Wow! Ikea & flight simulators in one day??? How did you manage such excitement?! I still have NEVER been to Ikea. A very sad fact, in my opinion. Tell Wilson that Brendan got accepted to a 2 week flight camp this summer and he actually gets to "take the controls" during flight! I wish our planetarium had child appropriate movies.

  3. I'm so glad you're having fun. Can't wait to get our gang together again. love, sissyboo

  4. Oh, the pictures say it all. You guys are having fun. Love Sandy P.S in case my memory leaves me. Happy 35th Birthday!

  5. Oh, the pictures say it all. You guys are having fun. Love Sandy P.S in case my memory leaves me. Happy 35th Birthday!