23 May 2010

hiking in the heat!

well, we decided it was time to break in our packs and our boots... we packed a lunch and headed over to Providence Canyon State Park... here are the guys (and dog) at the trail head... Brad was signing us in - you know, in case we disappeared or something.It was pretty amazing when you got to the canyon floor, you just followed the signs for the numbered canyons and then you walked along the little streams (that I imagine are not so little during a rain storm)... Walker loved "crossing the river."
Here are the guys at canyon #2. The little ones were a bit uneasy up there on that rock...
aww.. aren't they cute?
at one point Wilson was the trail guide...
... while Daddy, Walker & the beast brought up the rear.
Muskoka had the hardest time on the trail, she even complained enough that she got to take her pack off (and her boots!) I think she needs a haircut before we head out again. It was pushing 90 degrees with some crazy humidity - and Muskoka is sort of spoiled and prefers ice water.
There was a sign right near here that said this property was a homestead before it was a state park... and that there were vehicles that were too difficult to get out... and now create a unique habitat for some of the critters. (There were four or five other vehicles along the trail...) {love Wilson's glasses especially with Daddy's state hat}
Here's a view from the top.

The boys did so well with their packs, and they both drank a fair amount of their water too. Towards the end, Walker was pretty tired out and was hoping someone would carry him, or at the very least, his pack. He powered through though. Oh, and Brad mentioned that we could go to the pool (in our neighborhood) when we got back, so that put a little spring in his step (not mine).

We had a great time, it was beautiful! And so fun to explore a new place.

Also, I would be remiss if I did not add that Brad has been working 36 hours on/36 hours off (except the first shift was 48 hours, its crazy-busy and I can barely keep it straight.) To say he was tired on Saturday morning would be an understatement. I am sure he would've enjoyed a leisurely day at home in the AC to rest up for his next shift. But, as you know, my husband rocks... and continually impresses me with his awesome-daddy-skills. Man, I sure do love him!


  1. Okay, Skoka has shoes???

    That was a beautiful park. Did you back hurt from the pack? Looks heavy - but then again it's been FOREVER since I've lifted hardly anything! (Mostly thanks to Brendan!)

    Walker's quite the trouper to make the hike! I've thought about us hiking in the Wichita Mtns but I've wondered if Cam could make it.

    It's awesome that Brad gives up what a typical man would do - TV & AC - to have fun family time.

  2. Looks like you all had a blast...you all ROCK!

  3. Was this a day trip or did you stay overnight?

    Look at the size of your packs! Those wouldn't be algonquin approved!:)

  4. Linds, it was just a day trip to "practice" for an overnight trip... we packed everything we would need for camping overnight except food & clothes...to get used to the weight

    and my pack only looks huge... it was pretty light...and WAY more comfortable than a canoe pack!

    (Brad did tell me when we got back that my pack was much lighter than his...)