28 May 2010

last day of school award ceremony!

Walker and I went over to the school to see Wilson get an award, unfortunately brad wasn't able to get off of work this time. Mrs. T mentioned on field day that Wilson was getting one... Here's the principal showing him his awards...Here he is with his classmates that also received awards. My zoomed-in pictures were blurry, sorry. It was packed in there, and it was hot (even though the AC was on) and Walker was on my lap. I didn't even know which awards Wilson got until he got home. (He got the class spanish award, academic excellence, and a reading award).
Wilson requested "pick-up" instead of riding the bus home. I wasn't surprised. I snapped a shot of him with Mrs. T. She promised to check in on him next year.
He also got his report card yesterday, Mrs. T always makes some certificates to go with their report cards too. So I laid them all out with his other awards and had Wilson pose with them. I think he would hang them all in his room if I let him.


  1. What a great way to end the year! Congrats, Wil, on a great year!

  2. All yaya can say is WOW he is really a "super" kiddo!

  3. awesome! way to go Wilson! we're so proud of you!!

  4. WIlson that is so awesome. They will look so nice hanging in your room. Love Meme