26 May 2010

one more day...

I kind of forgot about getting a last-day-of-school-gift for Wilson's teacher... until about 12:30 today. Thankfully I had some birthday money in my pocket so I was planning on stopping by JoAnn's after playgroup. I wandered around the store (whilst talking to Barbie on the phone) and decided paint-your-own-birdhouses was a good idea. Walker agreed, so we picked one out. We also got her a little gift card to the bookstore so she can do some summer reading ;)

Here's Wilson - paying close attention to detail...like brother, like brother... Walker really wanted to paint Wilson's birdhouse - for Wilson's teacher, thankfully JoAnn's was kind enough to carry the same-exact-birdhouse in tiny-size for $1.
He even added a little butterfly detail to the roof...
He had to let the paint dry during dinner, before adding some details with my paint markers. Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, so Walker had to exit immediately to the shower. A few minutes later Wilson was upstairs, I told him that he could've taken a separate shower and that he shouldn't have rushed to finish his birdhouse.

After showers were done and pj's were on, we came back down and I found the back of Wilson's birdhouse to be just about perfect...
"you are the best" and "I will miss you!"

I am so thankful that God has blessed us with wonderful teachers for Wilson thus far. I do not take for granted the gift of having a child that enjoys his time at school, and a teacher that creates an environment that makes it enjoyable. Mrs. T. is about as different from his other teachers as could be, yet Wilson has done so very well. I just can't come up with the right words to express my gratefulness. Knowing that Wil spends so much more time with his teacher than he does with me on school days, just makes my heart happy to know that he has had such a great time with her. I think I would prefer every school year to end with a bit of sadness to say good-bye, rather than relief that it is over. We have been blessed at the beginning of this educational journey... I don't know what lies ahead for the boys, but I do know The One who has planned it all out perfectly. And tonight, I savor the fact that my little guy is going to miss his first grade teacher. What a sweet, sweet blessing!


  1. I'm so thrilled that his teacher was a gift to you both! thats a huge blessing especially in the public school setting! I've always ended the school year with sadness, sometimes even tears! We've been blessed with some mighty fine teachers who've given more than was expected! we pray for those boys ever single day!!!! and so do his aunts and uncles!!!!!!enjoy your summer vacation!!

  2. I just caught up on all your posts. You sure are keeping busy! I love the idea of the bird houses what a great idea. The boys did a terrific job!