19 May 2010

sewing again...

I just had to snap this post-project picture of my black skirt covered in lint, thread & all manner of sewing bits. I am beginning to really enjoy sewing. Especially when I don't break a needle and I remember how to trouble-shoot thread-bunching issues. I like selecting the fabrics, making a plan, working through the steps, making a mess... all to create something special.Last week I finished a gift for my friend Jenn. She is expecting baby #3, and she happens to be girl #1. It was such a pleasure to make these little things for her. Today she let me know that she got her little package so I get to show you what I made for her!

The first thing I made is a "carseat blanket." I've made a few of these in the past, they are quick and so far everyone I've made one for has loved it. It basically consists of a really-soft-textured-fabric on one side and a cute flannel on the other. With an initial appliqued on the front... And of course, its just the right size to tuck in around baby in her carseat (hence the clever name!) This project would be ridiculously faster if I would break down and buy some more wonder-under... (I even saw a tutorial that used spray adhesive for applique.... hmm...) So I used a million pins instead of ironing on some sticky-paper.
I only took one 'after picture' with both projects. The pink thing is a "lovey-dovey monster." I got the idea from a combination of a few etsy stores. Walker helped stuff her. She has ribbon and ric-rac hair, a button eye, and some pockets, and some seriously skinny legs! I think baby girl will enjoy this thing...eventually. (p.s. Rene, I've got my poster propped on the edge of my sewing table right now, its rather motivational)
Oh, and a big heart on the back, with a bit of ACU to represent the Army. Hooah!
Someone asked me again recently if I ever considered selling some of my stuff. I enjoy the process so much right now, I would hate to lose the enjoyment of it. Not to mention the majority of the things I make are not my own original idea (and some of the tutorials I've found say "don't make money off of this" or maybe they say "for personal use only." either way, I think the point is the same.)

Also, when I am sewing a gift, I spend some time in prayer for the recipient. And God usually has a lesson in there for me too. He is so creative. He loves to select just the right pieces to work out His plans. And the end result is always beautiful...although sometimes, along the way, there might be a mess. And He is perfectly OK with that.

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)


  1. What a beautiful gifts. Love the ACU fabric... GO ARMY!!! I know that it means alot to Jenn. A little something homemade for her sweet girl.

    You are a wonderful friend!!!!

  2. Amanda, the gifts are the best! You are very talented with your sewing machine! Even more so that you don't use something sticky for your applique! These gifts will be treasured always. I think your plan of not selling so that you can continue to enjoy sewing is a fantastic idea! As Barb said, you ARE a wonderful friend!

  3. I was thinking of you and your handy dandy craft skills the other day when I was trying to figure out what to get someone for a baby shower! I thought to myself, "why couldn't I have Amandas awesome skills. . .better yet why couldn't we live close so I could have her whip something up, cute and adorable!"

  4. WOw, sis, please come and show me how to use my sewing machine...(: or I'll lug it there and have sewing boot camp.

    I love both things but the little creature is my favorite... I bet walker liked helping too.

  5. Oh, I just looked again and saw part of the poster.... looks cool. I think it's fine without a mat, that's why it's a poster. (:

  6. I love all the projecks Amanda-Rene,if we could remember to get out your sewing machine when I'm there we might get r done!