17 May 2010

someone's counting down something...

I found this little note on Wilson's desk calendar yesterday... he came home Friday and told us that he has no more homework and no more tests until the end of the school year. I think he is pretty excited for the lazy days of summer!

p.s. we may (or may not) practice some spelling words this summer.

also when I mentioned the possibility of homeschooling the other day (I like to keep the option on the table...) he came up with one pro and one con...

pro - we would have healthier lunches. (ummm I pack his lunch 95% of the time).
con - it would take longer to make friends.


  1. His penmanship is so good I thought you were having problems with spelling! :)

  2. That is too precious! I love it! (I think JC probably has a calendar similar!)

    I like his pros & cons for homeschooling. That made me laugh. I'm glad you'll be making healthier lunches if he stays home!!! :-) And as cool as he is, friends will be easy!!

    Being military, do you have to follow the state's HS laws? Does the Army have their own? Okla. and TX are the most homeschool friendly states. Just wondering what your requirements will be.

  3. I think there are lots of people with the same calendar...I know Loddie and I are both counting down the days. I am ready to sleep in.

    Tell the boys that as soon as we get settled...ya'll can come on over.... okay, never mind; just come on over and not look at the mess.