11 May 2010

"where was Brad all weekend?"

he was at work.

This weekend was the Best Ranger Competition. We didn't know what to expect, but Brad heard about it as soon as he started working here... He sent me a text Saturday morning, "i am working rfr, you should come" I had no idea what "RFR" was but thought we should give it a look-see...

the first few pics here are from where Brad was working...as a medic...

Blackhawk down!!! (is that a blackhawk?)here is a random picture of Brad at work... the only picture taken of him at BRC...
they launched some-sort-of-artillery-fake-thing-with-smoke... to simulate enemy fire, etc. (I don't know any of the correct lingo). It was LOUD!

sidenote: Brad told me "when you hear a whistle, plug your ears. make the boys put their fingers inside their ears." When Brad said "whistle" I thought he meant, like-a-ref's-whistle. No, he meant, like a whistling sound as artillery flies through the air.... thankfully enough spectators around us said, "its coming, here it comes..." I honestly thought someone was going to blow on a whistle to alert us! Wow.
thankfully, they were able to get this wounded guy out of the chopper... that was their goal...
{not everyone liked the loud noises...}
the rest are pictures are of some of the other events at the field on Saturday... I don't know what any of it is called...
sliding down a rope
climbing a rock wall...
sliding down a thicker rope from a lower height
climbing up a little-tiny-rope-ladder
getting ready to get the bad guys...
beating up the bad guys...
this is what they had to do in the previous two pictures...

Seriously. I had NO idea what to expect. This was pretty awesome though. I think as long as we are here, we'll check it out each year. Maybe we'll bring some earplugs next time...

Brad worked a lot of LONG hours. He didn't even get to see much of the actual competition, just the parts that he was working.


  1. WHOA, that is really intense. Poor Walker, he really needs heavy duty earplugs next time. That rock wall looks huge and that little rope ladder so small, I bet that was really hard to climb! It's neat that you can see some of the stuff that Brad is involved in. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Poor Walker, it reminds me of the reaction Jack use to have to you yelling at the boys.hehehehehehe

  3. I love all your technical terms! That's the best!!! I bet the boys loved it (except the loud part!)

  4. This loooks awesome. Give us a preview of when it comes next year- that would be something fun for visitors to come see! I love the photo of walker crying with his fingers shoved into his ears.

    Also- Happy late Bday! Glad your mom was there to visit and Brad got to come home for a few hours! :)

  5. that rock wall looks amazing! I bet the boys loved watching inspite of the loud noises! so cool you get to experience events like that!

  6. I really think you should get a job with the Army...I totally understood your terms much easier than the ones they use.

    Maybe we can attend with you next year... looks like it was fun.

    You crack me up with the whistle.... you are too cute.