04 June 2010

being neighborly

About a month and a half ago (give or take a week), I saw an "its a boy!" sign in our neighbor's yard. I felt awful, because I had never met this neighbor and I didn't even know she was pregnant! I whipped up a little carseat blanket and a batch of cookies that week. I took them over to her house and introduced myself and gave her a card with my phone number. A few days later her son delivered a thank you card to me.

And within two weeks the movers were here packing up their house.

The next week the neighbor from the house on the other side of the now-empty-house, came by with an armload of shorts and asked what size Wilson wears. The neighbor between us, the one that moved, had been her very close friend. And she knew I had boys, so she thought she'd come introduce herself.

In the next couple days, I saw this new acquaintance at Old Navy, then Wal-Mart, and of course, in her yard. As we chatted, I learned that she grew up in Michigan, and even lived in Swartz Creek for awhile. Her husband is currently deployed and she has three kiddos. Its not hard to see that God intended for us to know one another.

I was able to help her with a party favor for her son's upcoming birthday party. I thought maybe I had over-committed to a sewing job that might've been too big. When I mentioned that I could applique an initial onto a beach towel if she didn't find someone to embroider it, I was thinking a couple towels, one letter each. She had a different vision. And suddenly, I felt a bit overwhelmed. I literally had to ask God to help me sew these towels. I think God knew my heart and my motive and helped me accomplish this big task in a short amount of time. I think they turned out well, and she loved them!
Even in pirate-fabric-monogrammed-beach-towels, He tells me that whatever He asks me to do, He will carry me through to completion. How amazing is a God that shows His faithfulness in every detail of our lives. I love that He chooses to remind me of this in something that seems little, so that when something that seems big comes along, I'll remember. (And I must say "seems little" and "seems big" because I am viewing events through human eyes and who am I to judge how the bits and pieces size up in God's plan?)

The one who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.
1 Thessalonians 5:24


  1. Adorable, I love the photo. Neat how God works.

  2. I just love the towels and monograms! You do such an amazing job! Now I understand when you were speaking of a sewing project the first of the week! I'm sure your new friend was absolutely thrilled!

    Our world gets smaller every day!

  3. Awesome, Amanda. An encouraging story and your applique skills have, I'm sure, increased incredibly! :)

  4. Great job! Patience pays off big...with His help!

  5. What a great job!!! Love them!!

    I love that you are transparent with us all... it is a reminder that God will see us through and we can take anything to Him. The hard part is to remember to take it all to Him... big and small.

    Don't doubt your ability... you are a very talented woman.

  6. I know Barbie reads your blog too :) But you are becoming the Barbie of Georgia!
    Great work. I'd like to put in an order too :) hahaa