08 July 2010

beach day at callaway (gardens)...

...except we didn't go to the gardens so I felt it necessary to say callaway {gardens}, get it? besides "Beach Day at Callaway" rhymes... clever, huh?

on with the post.

Daddy got home from work bright and early Wednesday morning. After realizing that I did not buy coffee on Tuesday he decided to make a coffee run, --- and y'all have heard this a few times, but I must (I MUST!) mention it again --- my husband rocks! Indeed he does, because he decided to not only buy some coffee, but to go off-post and buy us some donuts too... and this after working all night. He sure loves his peeps.

After a lazy-ish morning we determined that we should head up to Callaway to check out their beach...(We even remembered to bring their sand toys because we are awesome like that). The boys approved!Walker did some "swimming."
As did Wilson. I'm not positive, but I think Brad may have gone under water once.
It was a nice little lake to play around in. It was H-to the-O-T out there though. Good thing we brought some cold water with us. Because Brad is active-duty, we get into Callaway for free. (If we paid the regular price to get in, it would be $18 per adult and $9 per kid!! Unreal, huh? Military isn't free on special occasions, but its still half-price - we've never gone for a special event though).

Anyway, the beach had some pay-to-play activities as well. We thought we'd try the 4-seater paddleboat. What a fun adventure, right?
Nobody was overly thrilled with the paddleboat. And because we had to balance that thing out, Daddy was left to paddle alone - in the 95+ degree temps - wearing a life jacket. Pretty sure we didn't stay out on that lake for an hour... or even a half-hour. But I do think we may have ruined the idea of paddleboats for our kids, so we will probably never drop another dime on it again. Ever.

And in other news... Wilson has another something on his calendar...

He got the day wrong, but as you can see he's been looking forward to it! Tomorrow the boys get to hang out with Miss Barbie & Logan at their new house! They are semi-settled in and I can hardly wait to see it (or them, of course!)! The boys will be staying there for the weekend because I have PWOC leadership training (and Brad works a crazy schedule).

Wilson is looking forward to having "a break" from me. Those are his words not mine.

I am sure they'll have a sweet time. I am trusting that my training will be a blessing as well. And Brad has big plans too, he is going to change the brakes on the van on his off time. I think if things go well he and I will be able to go to church together before I head to Alabama to get the boys... I would try to explain his work schedule and my training schedule, but its really confusing -- trust me, it worked out well that Barbie asked me again what weekend my training was... man, she's a good friend!


  1. Amanda...my first time back to the blog for awhile...I have 2 minutes to say I LOVE the "new" blog look! You rock right along with Brad, I have no idea how you guys do everything you do...quite making your mom feel like a big time LOOSER!

    Love to all and I am trying to contain my "jealosy" for Miss Barbie!

  2. I love seeing Wilson's notes. That is so precious! Make sure you stash away some of that stuff!

    Hope you had/have a great PWOC time.

    The beach looked very nice. Wish we had some like that around here.