04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day!

(I sure hope Alaska and Hawaii aren't mad at me...) I made the boys these t-shirts on Friday. Super simple, I found the idea here. The USA coloring page that I printed out didn't have an upper peninsula on Michigan (gasp! shocking, I know!) so I had to free hand one on there, I think they turned out mighty cute... although not everyone was thrilled about me getting a picture...Brad had to work yesterday so the boys & I went to the on-post celebration yesterday with our neighbor and her four kids (her husband is deployed, pray for her). They had a TON of inflatables...
and a brief skydiving show, I loved the flag on this skydiver, how cool!
Here's the crew (minus the baby who was in the stroller sleeping and you can only see part of one foot of the four-year-old behind his sister).
and, what is an independence day celebration without cotton candy? really, can anything be celebrated well without cotton candy? (we totally should've had cotton candy at our wedding, why hadn't I thought of that sooner?)
Walker loved (LOVED!!!) watching the stars come out while we waited for the fireworks! Here he is pointing out the "wishing star!" (just look at those lashes...)
sidenote: I didn't think we would stay for the fireworks, but the boys were having fun and it was a LONG walk back to our car, and I didn't really want to leave T there by herself with her 4 kiddos. It was a good fireworks show. The traffic afterwards was CRAZY!

Friday afternoon the boys were invited over to decorate some cupcakes & make cookies at our neighbor's house... here they are with their aprons on... crazy group, huh?
and the end result... the kids did a lot of sampling while working...

p.s. see all those sprinkles on the table? there were even more on the floor! I tried to help clean up the mess a bit before we came home. it was a sweet time for the kiddos!

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