06 July 2010

a quick visit!

we were thrilled to have some visitors this weekend... (I use the term "weekend" loosely because Brad's schedule is so crazy... he wasn't working while our company was here, so it was technically the weekend for him and us!) We thought we'd partake in "Thunder on The Hooch" after dinner Sunday evening, but the kids were all playing so contentedly that it seemed like a crazy idea to head down into the crowds to keep all the kids up late again for fireworks... so we just hung out at home.

After some good sleep and a lazy morning, we headed over to the National Infantry Museum... Brennan, Victoria, Colson, Wilson, Walker & Jacqueline posed with the Follow Me! Statue...Drill Sergeant and the new recruit...
We went to the pool for a little while in the afternoon, then came home and chilled for a bit before dinner.

--- sidenote---
I had promised (PROMISED!) Wilson that we would make s'mores while we were in Michigan - he tearfully reminded me of that promise after we had said all of our good-byes. The promise I had broken.
I know s'mores is a silly thing, but a promise isn't... and I felt awful.
The day I found out that Dad & Mom and the kids were coming, I went and bought everything for s'mores. I wasn't going to miss this chance!

So, thankfully Monday evening, I got to mend a bit of a broken promise...

S'mores can be serious business...
Doesn't she look adorable with her s'more?
P.S. I made that little pillowcase dress she's wearing. I am pretty sure she is the kind of girl that makes anything look cute, so she's the perfect model for my handiwork!

We had a great visit. Quick, but memorable. We are blessed.


  1. we had the BEST time! Thank you again for letting us invade! Everything was PERFECT but the fellowship with you, Brad and the kids was the icing on the cake for us! I'm washing that little dress so she can show it off at church tonight! Colson had the rock band all set up by 7:30am! LOL love that kid!

  2. She does make everything look cute, but it really is cute too!
    I'm glad you had a good time, can't wait to visit myself.

  3. Ugh! I'm so far behind in the blog world - both posting & reading!

    I ♥ the dress you made!!! How beautiful!

    AND I've never, ever, thought to make s'mores w/anything BUT graham crackers! I bet those were the best ever!