19 July 2010


really? seven? If I don't write this post, does that mean he will still be six? Yea, I know the answer to that, so I am writing this post...

Our big guy is seven. Unbelievable. I can't believe our parents are old enough to have a 7-year-old grandson!

Wilson decided he wanted to start the day off with his presents... still sleepy, still in jammies, ready to kick-it-off...he busted this open later in the day and is already learning a few of the magic tricks...
...tearing open one of this birthday cards...carefully, of course....
checking out his bag of little gifts... to include "Pop Rocks"...
opening up his last gift... an xbox controller so he can play with Daddy... which he did yesterday
Wil stayed home from church with Daddy and played some xbox and Wii and then went to the commissary to pick out the steaks for lunch... that boys loves some steak!

showing his age by his birthday banner...
Wil requested chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for his birthday... but he also requested some white cupcakes with vanilla frosting for his Daddy because he is extremely thoughtful like that...
Wilson also requested some balloons, he and Walker had fun with the ones Brad didn't blow up... (Wilson took this picture of Walker)

Its amazing to see the person Wilson is becoming. He has a compassionate heart and a thoughtful spirit. He loves to try new things, but, man, he wants to know all about it before he jumps in. He's a thinker for sure. We are blessed beyond words to have this boy in our lives.


  1. Aw, precious pictures of that 7 year old. I love the cupcakes and how thoughtful Wil is!!! But are you telling me your husband doesn't eat chocolate???!!! I guess that means more for you, huh?! You have a precious family, Mrs. Lutz!

  2. I tried to talk George into driving down for the day....it was a no go....fiddlesticks! Oh well glad you guys had a great day and glad I had the opportunity to talk to him on his birthday...that alone is wonderful! Love to you all, could you save me a cupcake?

  3. Gosh this post made me all teary-eyed! seems like just yesterday he was born! enjoy every moment, for they are fleeting! I know you married my boy!

  4. Wil is such a sweet boy! You and Brad are doing a fantastic job with him.

    Wish we could have helped celebrate Wil's birthday this year like we did last year - that was SO fun!