18 July 2010

supporting our fellow Americans...

... we try to be good, patriotic citizens of our great country. Every once in awhile that means sacrificing for the sake of others... Considering all the trouble that the "Oil Spill" (really, the news hasn't come up with a more clever name for it?) has caused the folks in the Gulf, we thought we should do something to let them know we care. We just wanted to do our part.

So we packed up some camping gear & made a reservation at St. Andrews State Park and off we went... We arrived late afternoon Friday and set up our tent then went to the beach...

As we walked up to the top stairs of the boardwalk to the beach, Wilson gasped and said, "I forgot what the ocean was like..." And you could just see his face take it all in. That comment was totally worth the drive there!While playing in the water, Walker yelled, "This is fun! Hallelujah!" And that comment just made the drive home totally worth it!
The water was so warm. I haven't been to the Gulf in over 10 years and never in the summer... I had no idea! Two thumbs up from Wilson!
Wading with Daddy
The boys loved playing in the waves with Daddy... there weren't too many other people on the beach...
We went back to camp for dinner and drove around "the strip" downtown Panama City Beach for a bit. We got snuggled into our tent... and then realized we could barely breath. Brad decided to be our hero and went and bought a little fan (which also helped the local economy, so patriotic!). The fan helped... a little... it was sort of a long night though.

We wasted no time getting up in the morning, had breakfast, took down the tent and headed back to the beach...

There were a couple teams walking along the beach... they had gloves & plastic bags & no beach clothes... we assume they were looking for signs of oil and/or tar balls...
It was a bit breezier on Saturday. Walker loved digging in the sand and looking for shells...
As did Wilson.
Oh look its us! After Wilson brushed all the sand off of his hands he snapped this picture for us...

{one of the things we forgot to pack was a clothesline. Also, after day one on the beach my suit was FULL of sand (like seriously, unbelievable how much sand was in that thing when I showered). I tried to rinse it out, but you know it just sort of sticks. So, the Mr. and I hit the beach sans suits on Saturday.}

We stopped at the camp store between the campground and the beach and got some coffee. Let me tell you, that is the perfect way to start a Saturday...
Brad snapped a pic of the boys and I (see some of the tar-ball-team in the background?)
and, you can't go to the beach without writing something in the sand, right?

It was a super fun {super quick} trip. I was thinking the State Park beach was so beautiful, and uncrowded... but I can't help but wonder if it would be more crowded if it weren't for the Oil Spill. I don't know. It's hard to know when you've never been to this area before. It was beautiful though.

I definitely feel the urge to go back down and support our fellow Americans along the Gulf during their time of crisis... I'd like to stay longer and maybe spend some money at a seafood joint too... you know, to help them out... Anyone want to go with us?


  1. that water is so blue and your pics are awesome! I love the pic of Walker in the air and Brad and Wilson in the background. Isn't the ocean sand the best (thought not when its in the pants)? Looks like you had some mighty fine waves too.....we can't wait for another trip to the seashore! and hey I'd come down that way for a nice ocean respite!!!

  2. oh i'm so jealous!!! The water looks so beautiful! You guys have been having such great adventures lately!!! I love the boys quotes - so precious! Glad you can help support the economy out there!!!

  3. What a great little trip! Awesome that you guys had the opportunity to take it!