28 August 2010

a {backwards} peek at the rest of the week...

today has been a day of Lego's and laziness... yes, still in PJ's late on a Saturday afternoon...LOTS of Lego's... they did come up with the idea of dumping the bin on the blanket so it would be easier to clean up... we'll see how that works out, I think I hear gnashing of teeth as I type while they pick-up (the timer is on!)
I think I took this picture of Walker Thursday evening, because I had the camera out to take a picture of Wilson... Walker wanted a picture of his fort too... and quickly flashed the two-thumbs-up when I aimed his way!
Wilson was rather pleased with his work on his "All About Me" project. His teacher sent home the yellow piece of construction paper and a rubric that included the required subject areas... We worked on it a little each night, I did my very best to let Wilson make the final decisions, and encouraged him to think about each section. Its hard to know exactly what the teacher was expecting. Brad helped him with the final steps on Thursday night. Wilson also had to score his work himself on the rubric...
--- side note---

Did I mention that I have strep again? Thursday was PWOC day, and I felt a bit of a sore throat and pain around my ears... I thought surely it was allergies and drainage. You know, wishful thinking probably. When Walker and I left PWOC, I said to him, "Momma does NOT feel good, buddy." I didn't have a fever when I got home, so I took some Motrin and thought maybe it really was just allergies. I felt decent for most of the afternoon, but I didn't do a whole lot. Luckily dinner was pretty simple
(although it involved an acorn squash which always causes conflict). Brad was home too, so that helped a ton. We went to bed fairly early and Brad really did most of the morning stuff Friday. He even ran me a bath. Which led me to discover the scarlet fever rash. Blah. It was certainly strep. I couldn't get an appointment with my doctor so I had to go off-post to a ready-care-clinic I was in and out pretty quickly and thankful to begin the antibiotics. So far, no one else has any symptoms. My doctor did a complete blood check in March and nothing unusual showed up... so I am not sure where to go from here. Might really need to consider getting these things yanked out, I think.

Wednesday was another productive day for Walker and me. We got to go to story time at the Library on-post. They read The Foot Book and the kids got to paint their own pair of socks! How fun is that? I told Walker they would make great "slippers" for the winter around the house. He was pretty thrilled!

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  1. awe. . . I hope you are feeling better today! love Wilson's about me poster, cute! and Walker is so intent on painting those socks!!