06 August 2010



first day of K
first day of 1st grade
{I had to add the flashback so I could remember the answer to -"How on earth did we get here already?"}

present day:

first day of 2nd grade
with momma and brother
with daddy and brother
and a little something-something for the teacher (we included cookies again this year with that clever note - "because a teacher cannot live by apples alone...") The card Wilson made says;
front: "I think I am going to like my new class. Look on back"
back: "2n Grade Rocks!"
inside: "I hope you like these gifts. From: Wilson"

Wilson was rather apprehensive about going back to school for the last couple of weeks. After we met his teacher yesterday, he said he wasn't nervous anymore. Although this morning, he did say his tummy felt funny because he was nervous. I made a deal with him that if he let me take pictures at home, I wouldn't take any at school. When we got to school he requested that we all walk him in to his class. We stayed in the hallway when he went into his room. He walked right over to his teacher, gave her his gift, got a big hug from her, followed by a big grin from him, waved good-bye to us and that was that.

He and I are both growing up so much. My heart didn't break near as much as it has in the past... partly because Brad was here, partly because I know Wil loves school; but I think it also helped that I got to read from Ecclesiastes this morning during my quiet time, and that gave me a good perspective on all of it...

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1

I know its an often-quoted verse, but it was perfect timing this morning for this momma's heart. I think Brad was proud of me ;)


  1. Yaya got to think back too...wish I could have been there to take pictures this year! Thanks for sharing...I don't hardly feel left out at all....well maybe just a little teeny tiny bit!

    Hugs all around please!

  2. Great idea looking back at his previous first days. You can see how much he has grown :)

  3. What a great milestone! Glad it was a good one.

    Treasure those boys. Too soon, they will be big teenagers that are too cool for mom. :)