04 August 2010

last week of summer break...

...and the boys are making the very best of it! They've been constructing and remodeling this fort for the last couple of days. The "porch light" is by Walker's shoulder in this picture...It was {finally} cool enough to ride some toys around the driveway yesterday evening. (and, yes, cool is a very relative term when referring to the weather... it has been crazy hot here during the day!) Wilson had a new trick to show-off on his coaster car...
This is what I like to call "Super {Red-Cheeked} Walker"... (he actually came in the kitchen while I was making dinner and said, "You know I am not really Super Walker? You didn't know I had skin under here?")
and here's a little collage from the driveway. Love the middle picture...CRASH!
And for reasons only known to these two brothers, they decided to style their hair after baths tonight... and then run out in the driveway in their PJs to show me how cool they look, while I was moving the sprinklers around. Thankfully they were so proud of themselves that they agreed to a photograph! Sillies...
had to throw this one in... had to.
We get to go to the open house tomorrow and meet Wilson's teacher. Lots of excitement around here!


  1. Forts are so cool! I am glad boys are wearing their helmets! Looks like fun! I remember Lindsay pulling Ari around in gma's driveway - she had a rope tied to Ari's walker pulling her then she decided to pull her in circles. That walker hit a ridge in the cement and over she went! Gma said oh, Tom is going to be so upset! Ari's face was kinda scraped up!
    Boys are too cute, I love those pics and the hair! Wonderful!!!
    Loved the post!
    Love, Aunt Lyla

  2. Those boys look like they are the best of friends! And I ♥ Super Walker. He & Cameron are a lot alike!!! Hope the rest of your week goes well!

  3. Walker in the bottom picture looks like he is gonna do something to Wilson. Awesome Pic
    Dan Lutz