20 August 2010

michigan trip bonus...

..although our trip was last-minute and unexpected, it was filled with really great moments. I already told you a lot about our time with the "Lewis" side of the fam... but thankfully we got to spend some time with the Lutz side too =) Brad took a couple of wonderful pics with the boys and their great-grandparents...You might be able to tell that the kids were swimming when we called them over for pics! Such cuties!
I thought I hadn't taken a single picture of Grandpa & Grandma Rose, but then I remembered that Grandma insisted on having her picture taken with Brad in his uniform... I guess I am glad she did, as this pic is pretty good!
And these two are the only other pictures we took in MI aside from the day at the lake and the funeral...

these two were just too cute in the Barbie jeep.
seriously. can't get much cuter than this...

Like I said, we are ridiculously blessed when it comes to family. We don't always remember to photograph the moments, but we sure do cherish them.


  1. You are certainly blessed, I look forward to reading your blog! Great pictures!

  2. Tori and Walker. . . .too cute for words! I just love the pic of Brad and your grandparents! You've definitely made moments to cherish a life-time.