04 August 2010

one hot August day...

...leads to another. And here we are on a hot August day nine years later...
Amazingly blessed, is the best way to describe how I feel today. My respect, love, and admiration for my husband just keeps growing. Brad is working today, so we are saving "The Annual Viewing of the Wedding Video" for Friday (we have to actually bring the VCR in from the garage to watch it!) Last night we talked some about this nine-year mark. We both agreed that this past year was probably the most-challenging of our marriage thus far. The deployment was hard, don't get me wrong... but man, the post-deployment phase was a tough one. We had to fight hard to restore our proper roles. I won't go into all the details, but God has done a great work in our hearts and we've learned again the importance of open communication. And then, of course, we moved this year too. And as we celebrate this day, I am just overwhelmed with gratitude to the One that leads us so well. He is good, all the time!

And you know, since Brad is at work, I thought I would post another love song... LOVE the lyrics in this song. LOVE them.


  1. Happy Anniversary to both of you, and I hope when Brad has some time off you two can have a little bit of just the two of you time! Nine years is a joy, when I consider Mom and Dad will celebrate sixty seven (I think) years this year it reminds me of how much our lives are filled with love! Enjoy each other and continue to listen. Love you both!

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