25 August 2010

a peek at our week (thus far)

as you may know, I am homeschooling Walker for pre-k. More or less because I think 4 years old is too young for school everyday. However, since almost all the other 4 year olds are at pre-k, I feel like I have to do something with him to make sure he is ready for K next year. Jenn sent me this link for a super easy, well-planned out, simple pre-k plan. I like it because it is basic (I don't want to overwork him, or I might as well have sent him to school, are you with me?) Anyway, we kicked it off this week...

Monday Walker collected rocks at our PWOC prayer walk (and I also carried him for about a mile and my arms are still killing me this morning. That activity didn't work out for the both of us quite as well as I had hoped. Thankfully the lady that I am co-teaching with came and let me use her Bob stroller for the last mile while she carried her 11 month old. I think Walker did end up walking for close to a mile, and he got a LOT of rocks!). Yesterday Walker glued some of his rocks to a picture frame - I think it will be perfect for the pic of the boys with Great Grandpa Lewis.And he was proud of his picture of cows. (This week's theme is "cows"). He really likes cutting and gluing... and coloring a little.
And, Mommy did a little work yesterday too... meatballs for the freezer and some ground beef for a big batch of chili...
...chicken enchiladas verdes - 3 pans for the freezer.
And, of course, a big fat mess! But thankfully its all cleaned up now!

We had a Cub Scouts informational meeting last night for Wil, I think he is pretty fired up about it. I am not sure how Brad and I feel about adding a week-night activity yet, its been pretty blissful not having to rush anywhere on the weeknights... We'll see what happens, they tried starting Cub Scouts last year with his school and it never took off...

Today Walker and I will head to story time at the library, and pick up some of our theme books for the rest of this week and next week too...


  1. Can you send me your encha-la-la recipe :) And what are you freezing tips?
    I'm trying to cook ahead this year and freeze a lot.
    if you have good soup recipes I'd take them too- I remember seeing a lot of soups in your freezer when I was there 2 years ago :)

  2. Aw, Cameron did cows last week. Today is Thursday and I haven't done a lick of work with Cameron this week. Ugh. New baby brings lots of challenges and high school w/Bren is the priority in schooling! I'm trying to relax and not fret! Glad Cam & Walker will be doing preK together! What fun!!!

    Oh, and we are for sure saving up for the shuttle launch in Feb. if you guys have any desire to try to join us!