09 September 2010

happy birthday, Grandpa Carl...

so tonight (in the middle of dinner, because heaven-forbid if I can remember to do something 10 minutes after I think of it...) we called Grandpa Carl to sing "Happy Birthday." Dad and I chatted for a few minutes more. While chatting Dad mentioned the number "48" and well, I'm not getting any younger either, so I went along with it...

When I got off the phone, I said to the boys, "Forty-Eight."

Wilson ponders it, and I say, "that's how old Grandpa Carl is."

He looks at me, "how old are you?"

I reply, "Thirty-Four." Knowing there's no way I could switch my own age on him...

a few quiet moments and then...

"How far apart are you and Grandpa?" he questions.

"um, he's not really 48, Wilson."

oh he's a smart one.

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  1. He's too smart. Nate just realized a few years ago I wasn't 25, he just thought I was 15 when I had him!