06 September 2010

a little labor...

on Labor day. Well Brad did more than "a little" since he is working all day/night. But the boys and I just did a little... We finally got the Presidential Busts out on Wilson's desk. Now, as long as nobody bumps into Wilson's desk, we should be alright...Grandma Lewis offered me these busts two summers ago when they were sorting through some of the stuff that was in the attic of the house in Flushing. I didn't feel right taking them then, but Grandma kept them aside for me. When we went to see her this summer, she reminded me to take them with me! And Aunt Denine had them all boxed up, and their shelf out ready to go! These babies are deceiving.. they are little, but they are SOLID bronze, so they are HEAVY! We didn't want to try and figure out a way to hang them on the wall. So finally, today, we got them out. I couldn't find ANY images of a full set (with the wooden blocks) online, so we just had to guess how to arrange the various height blocks. We found a list of presidents with pictures to make it a little easier to sort out the busts quickly. (The busts have their names on the bottom, so I just needed to get them in the correct order.) It was actually pretty fun and Wilson enjoyed finding them to put in order. I am certain that Grandma would be tickled!

The boys also made shirts from supplies that Aunt Becky sent them this week. They were SO excited to make them! I let them pick what words they wanted on their shirt...
Wilson picked "ROCK STAR"
He also wanted to have "rank" on his sleeve, as did Walker because Wilson did...
At first, Walker had chosen the word "kangaroo" for his shirt... and I honestly didn't think there were enough letter "o"'s for that option.... after a few suggestions he settled happily on "SGT LUTZ"

Wilson wants to wear his to school tomorrow and cannot wait to tell his teacher all about it. Thanks, Aunt Becky!


  1. These shots are great Amanda...love all of the heads, and the shirts rock. The posing is wonderful! Grandpa will love to see the heads all put up in one place!

  2. Kangaroo would have been too cute!