28 September 2010

look what the cub scout won...

Brad took Wilson to his cub scout meeting last night... and Wilson came home with this...a little archery set and a DVD (Down and Derby, I think). They had the official popcorn sale kick-off last night and Wilson earned four tickets in the drawing. He was beaming when he came home and showed me!


  1. Oh, Wilson that is so cool! I love to win stuff. I got your message last night and you sounded so grown up. Love Meme

  2. Wow....what a winner he is...but we all know that! Did papau put in our order for popcorn yet? If not...be sure to call and let him know he is laying down on the job!

  3. Oh what little guy wouldn't want an archery set? he's gonna have such fun with that! Way to go Wilson!