18 September 2010

a mixed bag

so the other day when I was looking for small fall ideas, I came across these "boo" bags... then I realized that Wilson has had a felt trick-or-treat bag for-ev-er but Walker doesn't have one. The original post linked to the Pottery Barn bags for additional ideas, and I when I saw the owl on the green felt, I knew that was the one and thankfully Walker LOVED that one too... I had all of the materials at home and in under half an hour... he had his very own felt trick-or-treat bag (of course, when Wilson came home he quickly informed me that Walker used his bag last year and he had to carry a paper one - which he had to shelter when it started raining so he didn't lost his candy... man, that kid has a great memory).And, I think Barbie is the only one that ventured a guess to the give-away... guess I'll be keeping my TEN CENTS because I made these pj pants with that old shirt... not too shabby... or at least not as shabby as the rags I have been wearing around as pj pants... Brad even said I could get an old t-shirt out of his drawer to make another pair.
We had the post-wide garage sale today. I meant to take a picture of Wilson at his lemonade stand, I have no good excuse for not doing it - it wasn't that busy. We sold some stuff, and brought very little back into our house... which is ALWAYS a good thing. I got a little sunburn, can you believe that? In September? Crazy.

Tonight the boys were playing in the backyard and Brad ambushed them with the hose...
...by the time I came back out with the camera, the only thing left to capture on film were two-soaking-wet-crazy-faced-cuties!


  1. girl! you have to be the most creative person EVER! seriously! love the pj pants too! the trick-or-treat bags, awesome! especially loved the faces on those two soaking wet cuties! they are adorable! and sunburn in GA in September, I can believe it! you've still got some heat there!

  2. You are sooooo creative!!!! I love it all. I want some PJ pants. The boo bags are too stinking cute. Okay, I am thinking you may have to join Home for the Hoildays next year. I am seeing some totally cute things coming this way!!!!

  3. Great work Kid! Wish I was there, with the camera to get some of the shots you missed...that way you could just join in all the fun...I know how much you enjoy getting wet too!

  4. Amanda, I hadn't been to your blog in a while so I had to go through and catch up with your family. The boys are getting so big...and you're adopting! How exciting!

    I'm amazed when I see how domestic you are these days. Remember the days when you were nervous about people coming for dinner?