26 September 2010



I don't know why, but in my head, I hear one of those guys at the ballpark hawking this popcorn. We've decided to embrace the after-school-activity of Boy Scouts this year. Wilson is pretty excited about all of it. Which makes it awfully hard for us, his adoring parents, to not share in his excitement. Heck, even Walker is geeked about it. Who knew?

The Pack Leader mentioned that it is nearly impossible for customers to resist the little cub scouts in uniform selling this popcorn. So, I knew I needed a couple pictures to accompany this post... Just look at that face...And is it just me, or is there a glimmer of "baby Wilson" in that top left picture below?
We can't start selling the popcorn on-post until next month because of the "Combined Federal Campaign" which is ongoing right now. However, we are free to begin online sales... ***SORRY I CAN"T FIGURE OUT HOW TO LOAD THE LINK CORRECTLY*** Email or call us if you are interested and we'll get you the correct information!

I promise* this is the last of the popcorn-pushing. We did a facebook blitz yesterday and now the blog. That pretty much covers our bases.

*unless of course he is somehow close to winning some sort of prize, and then, well, you know I just can't help myself under those circumstances. Just sayin.

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  1. What a handsome boyscout! He is a looker....who could resist?