02 September 2010


its here again... I don't know about you, but August seemed especially long this year.

I had to snap a picture of Walker doing "school" yesterday. (How long until I stop putting in in quotes, I wonder?) He seems to really love it. Except when he doesn't. I was talking to Rene last week about how I taught Wilson how to write his name when he was like barely 3 years old, and that I hadn't worked with Walker at all... and you know, I had a fair amount of mom-guilt and thought surely it would be a good, long time before this boy would be able to write his own name...

Or maybe it would be two days of practice... I hate to honk my own horn, but BEEP BEEP! I am awesome at this teaching stuff. Or my son is a really smart. So proud of him! And what's even cuter is that HE is SO proud of HIMSELF! Love it!
And this was just thrown in for fun. The kids playing on the swing set in the backyard. Wilson's friend, T, came over after school today. Its cooling down a bit, I think the kids played for 7 or 8 minutes before coming in red-faced and panting! Fall is definitely getting ready to come around these parts...

tomorrow I am going to post some freezer-cooking tips for Lindsay... if I were a good cousin, I would've done it today and made it a birthday present for her. Maybe next year, Linds.

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  1. Great post. Way to go Walker! Go job Teacher Lutz! I look forward to the freezer edition!