14 September 2010

some projects & what-not...

...Brad's been working a crazy schedule which has given me some time to sew in the evenings... last week I finished these dresses for Victoria (the turquoise one was a juniors dress and the plaid one was a skirt!) I can't wait to see them on her... Mom L sent me another dress to try to refashion for Victoria, so I might work on that one tomorrow...Walker has been working hard at school. If there is cutting and/or gluing involved, then he is super thrilled. I found another great web-site with printables for him...

Oh, and I did some work on a couple super-hero capes....

I r-e-a-l-l-y need to get a better picture of the capes while the boys are wearing them... although the Krispy Kreme hat, does make nearly-naked-Batman seem more intimidating. You think?
Oh, and one more project I am working on... thrift-store-find from a few weeks ago... 3-tiered-serving tray. Not exactly sure how I am going to paint it, I have a couple ideas floating around in my brain. Here's an in-progress picture. When I brought it home, Brad's comment was, "its crooked" (or something like that), so I immediately disassembled it. Therefore, this is my best "before" picture... I did some sanding tonight, not sure how much I need to sand it...

We may or may not be having a garage sale this weekend. Its the weekend for the post-wide garage sale. Last spring we thought about it, but then decided to donate our "sell piles" - which means we don't have much to sell right now. And this corner lot is not high-traffic like our other one was... So we'll see. If we have one, the $$ will go toward the New Year's Day Gala that Bryan & Emily are hosting (otherwise known as a wedding, but I like that title I just made up for it).

I think this will be the week that I finally write the adoption post that I promised a few weeks back.


  1. I love the dresses. And the capes. I have several projects to get to... I absolutely love the plaid dress. I think I'll post some pictures today.

  2. Love the capes... you should make some for Home for the Hoildays. Maybe next year????

    As far as the tray... just spray paint it. Then, cover it with a clear coat to protect it and you when you serve in it. Depending on what you are going to be serving in it... no food items then you won't need to clear coat it.
    I am becoming the queen of spray paint!!!! Makes old look new!!!!!

  3. great job on the dresses, too. Sorry I forgot to say that.

  4. Missing mother reporting: I love all the projects! Stephanie said she already made some or she would be on the list for orders.
    It makes me happy to see the fruits of your hard work!
    Love ya!

  5. GIRL! you are amazing! I LOVE the dresses and the capes and everything else you make! I can't believe how much I missed on your blog this past week! took me a while to catch up! THANK YOU! shes gonna love those dresses...................