21 September 2010

two questions...

Q#1 - Should I paint this baby or not? Originally I had planned on painting it, then when I was washing it/sanding it with a Brillo pad, I found a sticker (UNDER the spray paint) that said, "Godinger Silver Art Co, Ltd." What do you think? It definitely is old & used, but kinda has some character. Paint or patina?
Q#2 - What the heck kind of spider is this?


  1. What the heck, paint it!


    The kind you kill? Not sure. Home school moms always say this and that type of spider is good to have around for this reason or that. I'm not prone to beleive them.

  2. Did you look on EBAY to see how much something like that is going for? All you have to do is put in the name of the silver company. I'd check there first to see if its worth much! I usually don't bother spiders unless they are crawling on the floor, etc. Sorry couldn't help with that question! I know they FREAK you out, I've met a lot of people who loathe them too! your not alone!!

  3. I agree with Cindy's suggestion...but I wouldn't take much time on it... I just decided how I would like something the best... as you know, I have know qualms painting things ... just make sure you use paint that will actually stick to the metal, lve rene

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_lynx_spider