25 September 2010

what's cookin?

Friday night Brad had to work overnight... and sometimes {on Fridays especially} I make breakfast for dinner when Daddy is away. Brad abhors breakfast for dinner - you might remember that while he was deployed breakfast for dinner was every Friday. Sometime during the day Friday, I determined that I did not want to get the griddle out (probably determined that while I cleaned out the buffet where the griddle is stored). When Wilson came home we debated on what to eat - chocolate chip scones or applesauce cake. Wilson suggested a coin toss - he wanted scones. Much to his dismay, the applesauce cake won. He was certain that he would not like it - and he told me so quite plainly. However, I do believe this picture suggests otherwise...I called Rene as I was getting ready to make this applesauce cake - Grandpa Lewis' recipe that Aunt Becky put in a recipe book for me as a shower gift. I asked her about frosting... and when I told her we were having the cake for dinner, she rhetorically asked, "Brad's not coming home is he?" (She knows us well!)

And yes, we did have smoky links with our applesauce cake. Why wouldn't we?
This morning I made the chocolate chip scones after all. Because sometimes I am really nice like that. And also, I have a lot of buttermilk in my fridge that is going to expire on Monday. And I wouldn't know what to do with sour buttermilk.

I had the buttermilk because I signed-up to bring scones for PWOC on Thursday. I made three kinds. It was like Scone Henge on the counters in the kitchen! Our PWOC has such a high attendance that I felt like even though I had made three batches and made them half-size portions (because scones can be rather huge, you know?), I couldn't leave any extras home. The boys did eat one or two Wednesday night but that was it. Brad doesn't care much for the scones, so he wasn't disappointed.

Back to the chocolate chip scones this morning.

I ran out of baking powder after making three kinds of scones in one day. So I had to google for a substitute. I thought I would just make more cranberry scones because they were my favorite on Wednesday. However a very cute 2nd grader was very dismayed. He really wanted the chocolate chip scones. But my original chocolate chip scone recipe called for heavy cream, and I couldn't dare use two different substitutions in the same recipe. I'm just not that clever in the kitchen. So I googled again and found buttermilk chocolate chip scones. And we determined that they were even tastier than the others...

See for yourself... thumbs up!
Chocolate chip grins are priceless. (And Brad still doesn't care for them too biscuit-like in his opinion).
Oh, and I finished my "give thanks" bunting. I used scraps that have been around... initially I just used fabric glue to stick the letters on...

...but today I decided to sew them on to ensure that this baby hangs around for a long time. It makes me really happy. I was a little afraid that it would be too big up there and I might have to sell it, but thankfully, its a perfect fit. Oh and the pilgrims are out too...

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  1. Love the "give thanks." May need to borrow the idea.