07 November 2010

boy scout encampment

so, this weekend was supposed to be a boy scout camp-out weekend. But with Brad's last minute trip out of town for the week, we were leaning toward just making it a day trip... and then as the night-time temps kept creeping lower and lower, we were pretty confident that the day trip plan was the right plan. Wilson was a little disappointed, but he had a good day anyway...

(my pics are in crazy order)

lunch break! We brought the camping stove and tailgated for lunch. The hot cocoa hit the spot!How could I possibly pass up this photo-op?
There were ALL kinds of stations set-up all over this activity field, camping area. Wilson did 19... and I am not even sure if that is half of them. We basically just kept asking which one he wanted to do next and on we would go. Here are the boys at the Paleontology Dig...
This was some sort of Pow-Wow demonstration, Walker LOVED the drum...
The boys got to sit in a race car that the Auburn engineering students designed... they race them in MI in May each year. Wilson really liked trying the mountain boarding. And he got to put out a fire too!
We ended the day with a lake-side show that was followed by fireworks. We made it through most of the show, but finally decided to leave... it was after 9pm and getting chillier by the minute. When we were walking to the car, we asked Wilson if he was disappointed that we weren't going to get into a tent... He said, "No!" So thankfully, it all worked out in the end.

On a side note, they had a band playing at the show -- a praise band from a local church -- as we were walking out to the car they were playing "How Great is Our God." I like these boy scouts.


Thankful for:
Me: Our church & its desire to reach the military community
Wilson: my brother
Walker: my mom and dad, my bunkbed
Brad: our dog

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  1. That was a great post Amanda. Sounds like all had a good time, family time !! I am glad you take the pictures to share too!